Confined Space Awareness

Confined Space Awareness

The term “confined spaces” has a wide application throughout the industry. There are some fairly obvious confined spaces, e.g. closed tanks, large ducts, sewers, deep manholes and deep chambers, but other less obvious confined spaces can be equally dangerous. This course is designed to highlight those dangers and to offer advice on how to carry out a safe system of work within confined spaces.   This is a classroom based course

Duration:  ½ day training session


Topic areas covered:

Terminology used
New Legislation
Different types of confined spaces

Course Syllabus

Overview Risk assessment of:

  • Tank
  • Working environment
  • Working materials and tools
  • Suitability of those carrying out the task
  • Arrangements for emergency procedures
  • Logical safe system of work
  • Permit to work
  • Use of gas and atmosphere monitors
  • Toxic and flammable atmosphere
  • Hot works and welding within tanks
  • Gas and fumes entering tank from adjoining plant
  • Isolation of tank
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Oxygen enrichment
  • Top and bottom man roles
  • Communication lines
  • Safety barriers
  • Tripod and rescue hoist/top man duties
  • Safety harness and safety lines
  • PPE
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Emergency procedures and first aid

Test at end of training session to check knowledge and understanding.

Who should attend

It is aimed at those who have some experience of working within confined spaces and who may have attended previous courses and now need to be updated on legislation and safe working practices.

Course outcome:

To provide guidance on working within confined spaces and to ensure employees have a clear understanding of the dangers associated with working in various types of confined spaces


In house certificate supplied by Zenith and signed by course tutor along with MD

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