Principles of COSHH

Principles of COSHH

Principles of COSHH is a four hour training session to raise awareness of substances hazardous to health. Successful completion will prepare candidates to look carefully at their own work activities and contribute to the safer use of hazardous substances in co-operation with their managers and supervisors.

Course info:

Duration: 1/2 Day

Certification: In house certificate supplied by Zenith and signed by chartered safety practitioner.

Course Syllabus:

Recognising different hazard symbols, i.e.

Recognising different hazardous substances that cause injury by:

Inhalation, causing damage to lungs, or asthma, e.g. from dusts, vapours.
Skin contact, causing dermatitis, skin cancer, e.g. from absorption of chemicals through the skin or via cuts.
Ingestion, this is less common e.g. chemical poisoning
Definition and types of substances hazardous to health in the workplace.
Health effects of hazardous substances and their causes
COSHH assessments and control options.
Responsibilities imposed by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999.

The assessment should identify? What is the known effect of the substance on a person? What are the known long and short-term effects on that person? How the substance is used, who by and for how long?

Are any existing precautions being taken and how effective are these? If these precautions fail, what exposure is likely to occur?

If there is an accidental spillage, what exposure is likely and to whom?


Course outcome:

The qualification is not intended to train clients to carry out COSHH assessments but will provide training on working with hazardous substances. The objective is to ensure complete understanding of the requirements laid out within the COSHH regulations.


20 multiple choice questions

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