Legionnella Awareness

Legionella Awareness

This Legionella and Legionnaires’ Awareness course aims to help dutyholders to understand more about their legal responsibilities, and the health risks created by legionella bacteria, so that a risk assessment can be done and suitable control measures can be implemented.


1/2 Day Training

Who should attend:

This course is suitable for anyone in charge of a premises (known as the dutyholder) no matter how big or small the premises and regardless of the number of people present. This includes all employers, self-employed people and anyone else in control of a premises, such as landlords and letting agents.

Course Syllabus

Landlords have an obligation to be aware of the dangers of legionella and ensure a risk assessment is done to keep their tenants from harm. This course provides details on how to carry out a risk assessment and explains what should be included so that you have an awareness of how to identify legionella hazards and react appropriately.

  • Give an overview of the health risk implications of legionella bacteria
  • Identify the factors which increase the risks and hazards in the workplace
  • Describe how to undertake a legionella risk assessment
  • Explain how to implement measures to eliminate, reduce and control the risk
  • Explain the importance of risk assessment record-keeping
  • Inform about the conditions which encourage legionella bacteria growth and its impact on human health
  • Show different types of water systems and typical water management tasks
  • Teach the importance of recording water management tasks in a site diary

Advise on control measures and when to seek advice.


In house certificate supplied by Zenith and signed by chartered safety practitioner.

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